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Katy Perry paid to have tea with cats

Posted on June 26, 2012 by

So, I’m going to go ahead and add this cat cafe that Katy Perry visits in her new film Katy Perry: Part of Me to my bucket list. While in Tokyo, Perry actually PAID to have a tea party with a bunch of costumed cats sitting and running around cupcake shaped beds.

While some people (ahem, Kimmel)┬ádon’t understand the draw of cat tea parties Perry’s obsession with Japanese culture goes WAY BACK. “I’m obsessed with Japanese people,” Perry told Jimmy Kimmel.

After her usually-angelic teenage sister was banished from her family home for stealing lingerie from Macy’s, Perry’s parents accepted Japanese exchange students to live in her sister’s room for a couple months.

“I was just like AHH! Everything is Hello Kitty and it’s perfect and it’s clean and you eat with sticks!!” (I add the extra exclamation marks because of her pure excitement.) “She brought me these Hello Kitty chopsticks and I still haven’t opened them and I was like 13. I will always and forever have them.”

Fast forward more than a decade and Perry is basically an anime character who wears Hello Kitty dresses and visits quirky cat cafes with her besties. What’s not to love?

Watch it here:

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