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Henri The Existential Cat goes to the vet

Posted on June 26, 2012 by

I’ve already relayed my love for grumpy-anything. When I was a kid, my favourite cartoon characters usually had some sort of cloud-over-their-head outlook on life. Think of Disney’s Donald Duck or The Care Bear’s Grumpy. So no surprise, I love Henri The Existential Cat. He’s actually my favourite of all the Internet cats.

In the third episode called “Le Vet”, Henri visits a doctor and ponders whether his entire life is a sham. He’s having a hard time dealing with his newfound status as a viral video cat, but a demeaning visit to the vet doesn’t do anything to cure his disillusionment of the world.

Combined with Will Braden’s “The Good and Bad Heart,” Henri makes me question a lot of things in this life and reinforces that we should all be true to ourselves. We also get a glimpse of a secondary character, a fluffy white “imbecile” cat who’s colluding with the caretakers. Drama! [Source]

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