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Since 1997, U.K. band Keane has been wooing Brits with gorgeously emotional lyrics and a distinct piano sound that set them apart from other rock bands. With more than 10 million albums sold worldwide they’ve definitely wooed fans across the pond and in other international markets. After a four-year break between their third album Perfect Symmetry and the release of their fourth album, Strangeland in 2012, Keane is back with a vengeance.

Here are five things you might not know about them:

They’ve been plotting to conquer North America: Although they have fans everywhere from Britain to China, (they were even invited by Burberry to play a concert in Beijing in 2011), Keane has yet to experience that kind of success in North America. “I think that’s been our plan for quite a few years really,” said  Tim Rice-Oxley, co-founder, chief composer and pianist. “It’s never going to be easy for a British band to conquer America, but we feel they’ve got a lot of love for us here and we’re just really happy with that.”

They want to give you the best night of your life: Keane’s favourite thing is performing live shows and with a score of new songs and more energy than a five-year-old after a Big Gulp. They won’t disappoint. “I am looking forward to being on stage with my friends and trying to get everyone going crazy and singing along. Keane fans are really dedicated and passionate. We like every single person in the room to be having the best night of their lives,” said Rice-Oxley.

They think making music is magical: While some other artists are busy pulling out gimmicks like Mary Poppins and her carpet bag, Keane likes to keep it real and focus on the music. “We think it’s sacred, to us it’s magical that music sort of appears out of thin air. The music is something that we feel so passionate about. We don’t want to do stuff that just feels like we are doing it for commercial purposes.”

Give a listen to their newest single, “Silenced By The Night.”

They aren’t trying to be cool and they don’t care what you think about that: This isn’t the Taylor Momsen type of rebellion. No stripper heels and raccoon eye make-up here. After more than a decade of playing the type of music that makes them happy, Keane knows exactly what they want as a band. “We have a good idea of how lucky we are to be able to do what we do and we are not really worried about being cool. The biggest joy for us is when we play a show and people are crying and smiling and people come up to you afterwards, tell you amazing things that your music has done for them.” Awe…shucks.

They’re bringing something new to the table and you’re probably going to like it: “Very clean, emotional, beautiful rock music; it’s something that’s quite a British thing from The Beatles onwards. So I think when people come see a Keane show or hear a Keane album they do hear something that they maybe don’t hear that often on the American airwaves.”

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