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Wonder Woman’s lost sex tape

Posted on June 25, 2012 by

Perhaps it’s understandable that Wonder Woman would release a sex tape online. The girl is a sexually frustrated warrior princess from the Amazons who still hasn’t been rebooted into a summer movie franchise like her friends Spider-Man and Batman. It’s a tactical PR move.

What I find a little confusing is that it would be with The Penguin because she can totally do better than that villain.The Flash is totally heartbroken by her flooziness and brings  the sex tape to The Hall of Justice, vowing to destroy whoever loaded it online.

These guys are just a little too high up on their morals. They should learn if you work with TMZ they can do so much for your D-list career. Superman totally understands that logic and manages to one up the sex tape. What a perv. [Source]

Watch it here:

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