Hits and Misses: Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield, Adele and more

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In the world of celebrity news, there’s no shortage of hits and misses. This week, John Mayer is creepy and hits on Jennifer Lawrence and Justin Bieber feels “disrespected” by fans.

HIT: Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are invading your magazine stand

Garfield is on Nylon Guys, British GQ, i-D and VMan, while Stone has New York Magazine and Vogue, with an extensive spread. They also look adorable together on Teen Vogue. The Teen Vogue interview is a good read as two banter with each other, Stone talks about the stupid questions she gets, and Garfield reveals his man-crush on Ryan Gosling. I may or may not rush into my local Chapters, place all the magazines together, and label that section “OTP.”

MISS: Justin Bieber is rude to fans as he waits for Selena Gomez

While JBiebs’ star shone at the legendary Apollo Theater in New York, the media blew up a scuffle he had with some fans at the airport. Apparently, Bieber was bothered by the number of fans who were asking for his autograph as he waited for Selena Gomez. “I’ve had a long day, I flew in,” said Bieber. “I don’t have to be nicer about it. You guys are in my face.” Bieber was probably having an off day and you have to admit, it must be frustrating to have no privacy. Everybody has those days once in a while!

HIT: Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” wakes a girl from a coma

A British seven-year-old girl woke up from her coma as her mother sang one of their favourite songs, Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.” The girl suffered from a brain hemorrhage and two strokes, leaving her in severe coma — doctors claimed her condition was terminal prior to the miracle. Two months after waking up, the girl has learned how to walk, talk, and will be going back to school. She wins Grammys and her songs incite miracles, I guess Adele really can do it all.

MISS: John Mayer hits on Jennifer Lawrence at a Medieval Times

Let’s play What’s Wrong With This Picture. Is it a) Mayer’s Medieval Times look? or b) Mayer is 36 and Lawrence is 21? I like to think all of the above. According to eyewitnesses, Mayer was hitting on Lawrence while dressed in Medieval garb. I know we all want to be in Game of Thrones, but how does he think that would even remotely go well? You are no Jon Snow.

HIT: Kristen Stewart tops Forbes’ Best Paid Actress list

Stewart reportedly earned $34.5 million last year, pushing Angelina Jolie down to the fourth spot. It looks like she’s been working hard to distance herself away from the Twilight trainwreck. She’s doing a pretty great job at it too. She been taking risker roles with Snow White and the Huntsman and the film adaptation of  Jack Kerouac’s On the Road. Cue Donna Summers’ “She Works Hard for the Money.”

MISS: Macaulay Culkin gets weird, throws dinosaur birthday party for no one

It’s probably safe to say that the Home Alone star gets weirder with each passing year. According to the The Daily Beast, Culkin throws lavish themed parties relating to adolescence. This time, it was a dinosaur birthday party for no one in particular (that actually sounds awesome). What gets me, though, is the Daily Beast’s description of him: “Here is our Gatsby, except he is more like Willy Wonka.” I would’ve said Michael Jackson, or would that hit too close to home for Culkin? I guess creepy Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka works too.

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