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All the real and fake YOLO acronyms in two minutes

Posted on June 21, 2012 by

Acronyms make me feel uncool. Not that they directly bully me or call me vial names, but they change so often that I can’t keep up. Someone will text me something long and obscure like: ICWTSY and I have to google it, my self-esteem plummeting with every search engine hit. See? I just made the “I Can’t Wait To See You” (ICWTSY) acronym up and you were probably all like WHA? That’s how I feel on a daily basis.

Anyway, these guys from CollegeHumor decided to take YOLO (You Only Live Once) to the next level by creating some new pseudonyms around it, including YOYOKO ONOSOCO: “You’re Only Yoko Ono, So Chill Out.” Finally, acronyms that will legit make my life so much easier. If I can remember them.

Watch it here:

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