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All drugs are bad, okay?

Posted on June 21, 2012 by

Did you get that? Drugs are bad. All drugs are bad.

I just want to drop my head and slowly shake my head while watching this video because either this “expert” did not do her research or she’s having a little bit of stage fright.¬†Congressman Jared Polis questioned DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart during a hearing on the agency’s priorities.

He keeps pressing her about the health impacts of marijuana versus other drugs and she’s got a whole lot to say about it. Mainly that dugs are bad. ALL DRUGS ARE BAD.

Seriously though? Polis is considered an outspoken advocate of marijuana, so we understand why she’d feel cornered. But he totally won this battle.

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One response to “All drugs are bad, okay?”

  1. malcolmkyle says:

    Prohibition is not simply just a ‘War on Reason’ it is a dire threat to the very fabric of our nation, a slow but relentless degradation (death by a zillion cuts) of all our cherished national institutions, inclusive the nightmare of new and far more deadlier substitute-concoctions (bathtub-meth, crack-cocaine, crocodile-heroin-ersatz, and synthetic marijuana) that will leave us crippled for numerous generations.¬†

    We are collectively choosing to pretend that the hard lessons of alcohol prohibition – the sudden increase in organized crime, corruption, moral decay, the nightmare of poisonous-bathtub-concoctions, economic collapse, mass unemployment, and the only time a Constitutional Amendment has ever needed repealing – never happened. What is wrong with us?

    Every single Prohibitionist is a willing servant of tyranny and hate, having but one sole purpose – to make the rest of us suffer their putrid legacy of incalculable waste and destruction. Hand in hand with a Corporate controlled, propaganda-spewing mass-media machine, they continually connive to ensure that the inevitable consequences of their ‘not fit for purpose’ policy (the vast increase in corruption, mayhem, economic and moral decay) are all attributed to the prohibited substances themselves rather than the actual obvious and historically proven cause: the very prohibition of these substances.

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