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What I learned on this week’s episode of PLL, “Kingdom of the Blind”

Posted on June 20, 2012 by

With each new episode of PLL you can always expect a little mystery with a hint of creepy but this week episode took the definition of creepy to a whole other level.

Here are five things I learned on last night’s episode, “Kingdom of the Blind”

Lucas goes from nerdy to shady — The Rosewood halls have been looking a lot shadier these past few episodes and I think the reason may be Lucas. Not only has he been sporting the more rugged look instead of his perfect preppy style but he’s also been participating in behaviours that are a little less Lucas and a little more “A.” Not only has Lucas been secretly visiting Mona but he’s also threatened Caleb in a sketchy “A” way; which makes me wonder can Lucas be the new “A?” Wow, Hanna sure use to run with an interesting crowd. Are all of her old friends evil?

Melissa has baby drama — So not only do we find out in this episode that Melissa lost her baby but we also find out that the girls think the baby could be Garrett’s! This explains why Veronica Hastings is now taking on Garrett’s case but this still doesn’t explain what happened to Melissa’s baby. This is something both Veronica and Spencer can’t explain and I think it’s time for a moment of truth. Come on Melissa spill what you know!

Ezra helps Ella — Ezra tries to score some brownie points when he helps Ella get out of a sticky school situation. This sticky situation obvs surrounds Emily and the fact that Ella faked Emily’s test scores so that Emily could pass her English exam. And of course, an anonymous student WOULD write to the principal explaining what happened (either Emily or A) but once again hunky Ezra saves the day and all is right in Rosewood.

Jenna’s secret comes out — The ladies decide to stalk Jenna until they find proof that she can see! Of course once they find the proof they confront Jenna about it and soon discover they’re not the only victims of “A.” What could “A” possibly want with Jenna? And could this mean Aria, Emily, Hannah, Spencer and Jenna will team up? I mean they’re all hiding the same secrets now and Jenna did admit to trying to save drunken Emily on the night that Alli’s body went missing! But who knows with these girls? Sh*t always goes down.

Mona is still weird and “A” is getting creepier — So Mona is completely back to normal again except for the fact that when Caleb visits her she goes completely insane and starts screaming. Not only that but we now know where Alli’s body might be hiding! …Drum roll please… “A”’s freezer… umm can you say CREEPY AND GROSS? I didn’t need to see that at all. Even though it’s just a TV show it’s still a little eerie don’t you think?

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