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Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer is FINALLY here

Posted on June 20, 2012 by

In the new trailer for Breaking Dawn Part 2, we finally get a better look at the plot. Bella is now a newly turned vampire and mother to Renesmee but her entire family is in danger when the Volturi hear about her new child.

For non-Twilight fans: child vampires are strictly forbidden because they can’t control their emotions and can be manipulated to kill muchos humans.

I’m pretty dayam excited about the film, but I imagined Bella would have gone through a more drastic transformation. Admittedly that’s the main reason we were all so angry when the last film ended. They were all like, PSYCH suckers, gotta see the next film to get a glimpse of Bella as a vampire.

The film is in theatres on Nov. 16, so we still have a while to wait. In the meantime Kristen Stewart is certainly raking in the cash. It was just revealed that she’s the highest earning actress in Hollywood right now. The girl pulled in $34.5 million in a year. Chunk change.

Watch it here: 

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