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Five auditions you have to see from So You Think You Can Dance, Salt Lake City auditions

Posted on June 14, 2012 by

By Jasmine Williams

It’s here guys, the end of the auditions. The sun set in Salt Lake City. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve been amazed, and now that drama has come to an end. NOT. The auditions may be over, but Vegas (or as the lucky hopefuls would put it, “VEGAAAAAS!”) is just around the corner and judging from the promos, Cat may be right in saying this will be the most dramatic Vegas week ever.

But until then, we’ll revel in the last of this season’s auditions and guest judge Adam Shankman’s theatrics. Here is the good, the bad, and the just plain wacky from the Salt Lake City auditions!

1) Whitney Carson

This girl is so young she still has braces, but her dancing is definitely not immature. There’s been a severe lack of female ballroom dancers this season, and this girl brought the heat! She reminded me of a younger Chelsie Hightower from season four. She’s young and certainly has much to learn, but has a lot of potential. Just maybe tone down the cleavage next time, I thought her partner was gonna lose an eye!

2) Lynn Gravatt

A former aerospace engineer who left the world of science and innovation to follow her three spirit guides was crazy in the best possible way. Two words: bath salts? But all joking aside, her dancing was too spastic to warrant her moving on in the competition. But as Mary Murphy pointed out, she looks happy and that’s all that matters, right? And Gravatt did have the positive message of saying that you’re life doesn’t end at 30 and you can start over whenever you would like. For a group of dancers with careers that will likely be short-lived, this is some good advice to follow.

3) Mariah Spears

I did not expect this little blonde girl to be THAT good of a krumper! I hate to profile, but crumping is such a hard-hitting dance style that is very animalistic and aggressive, and few girls actually come off as believable; especially little girls in Utah who ride horses in their spare time. But this girl was, to quote Lil’ C, “BUCK!” She had me from the crazy backflip she did right off the top of her audition and as Nigel pointed out, she had a mean stank face.

4) Johnny Ahn

You know you’re a douchebag when you use a course to date women called “Double Your Dating.” I’m sorry, but isn’t the point of dating to meet the right girl, not the most girls? Anyway, Ahn proceeds to hit on multiple underage girls and asks Cat Deeley for a back massage. Ew. But of course, despite his antics, he can actually dance. Maybe next year (since he didn’t make it through choreography), he can try looking at his partner instead of his reflection in the camera lenses.

5) Leroy Martinez

As the last audition of Season 9, Martinez does not disappoint. This guy is like a big teddy bear. He works at a doggy daycare and volunteers at an after-school program. And if he doesn’t get you with that, he is also the only one of his family to not end up in jail, on drugs or with a baby mama. And this dude can dance! I feel like being able to do a backflip is like a prerequisite now. Unfortunately he didn’t make it through choreography, but he definitely danced his way into our hearts.

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