Usher’s video for “Scream” uses footage from his off-Broadway show

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Here I was thinking Usher’s new video for “Scream” would feature tons of ladies screaming  their heads off in intense pleasure but alas, relying on the most literal approach when envisioning music videos isn’t always the best way to go (unless you’re Jessie J and the video is “Laserlight” or Maroon 5 and the video is “Payphone“).

Anyway, Usher’s new video does feature a few screaming fans at the end of the video (he’s basically orchestrating their cheers) but mostly it features shots of him running, dancing in a white suit and getting saucy with a sultry lady.

The BBGun-directed video also features footage from his off-broadway show Fuerza Bruta, performed this past April. The footage taken from the show includes a female cast member floating above him, suspended in a watery bubble.

Watch it here:

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One response to “Usher’s video for “Scream” uses footage from his off-Broadway show”

  1. wadekelly says:

    You might want to do a little more research. Fuerza Bruta isn’t HIS off-broadway show, it’s AN off-broadway show. He was just a guest performer back in May. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fuerzabruta

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