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PRANK: awkwardly holding strangers’ hands

Posted on June 11, 2012 by

We, of the city-people mindset, are close to strangers all the time. We graze each others arms on busy streets and subtly try to use nearby subway passengers’ head as book rests in cramped trains (this actually happened to me once) but if someone tries to hold your hand it’s all: “WTF get away from me, this is awkward.” I guess that’s where the line is drawn. Head as book rests, okay, holding stranger’s hand, not okay.

Andrew Hales set out to be the creepiest guy in the building by walking next to complete strangers and grabbing their hands. The reactions are mixed from: “oh hey there,” to “are you hitting on me? Don’t.”

Hales other pranks include sitting close to people you don’t know and asking them weird questions, hitting on older women and politely holding the door open for people when they’re too far away.

Watch it here:

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