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50 Cent to Oprah: I paint my grandmother’s toenails

Posted on June 8, 2012 by

Hey guys, you know that tough rapper 50 Cent? He has a soft side too. In fact, dude knows how to paint a toenail.

During his sit down interview for “Oprah’s Next Chapter,” he revealed that he loves his grandma and grandpa more than anyone else in the world and that he used to help her pretty up those nails.

“I always had a connection with her,”he said. “I used to sit there and rub on her feet, even paint on her toenails.”

He went on about his technique: “I could paint a toenail like we in the nail shop. I do that for her ’cause her feet swell up.”

Okay, we know people are all going to be like. Way to blow your tough guy cover 50 Cent! But it’s pretty sweet and unexpected right?

Watch it here:

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One response to “50 Cent to Oprah: I paint my grandmother’s toenails”

  1. winnie74 says:

    I think he’s a sweet heart, rapping is just like acting.You have to learn how to seperate the two.I always knew he had a gentle side.That’s the way we cancers are.

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