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How to make a Justin Bieber fanvideo 101

Posted on June 7, 2012 by

As we all know, Justin Bieber recently announced the new Girlfriend Contest, in which Beliebers rewrite and record their very own version of his song “Boyfriend” and upload it to YouTube. The winner will be flown out to a concert, have a meet and greet, and temporarily pretend that Selena doesn’t exist and JB is your swaggy Buzz Lightyear.

We’re always here for our JB fans, so we decided to give you some tips for your very own GF video. You only have 13 more hours though… so get on that.

Style: The creeper

Level: Novice

Description: Stare deeply into the camera and imagine that a recently kidnapped JB is trapped in your lens, but you refuse to let him go because you LOVE him. It’s for his own good. Tell him that if he chooses you, it’s a lifelong decision, because you’ll steal his key and attach a small recording device under his sleeve. This contest entry from YouTuber  is (hopefully?) a parody of stalker fans. So it’s very difficult to pull off unless your eyes can manage that delicate balance between creeper and no-but-I’m-not-really-a-creepy territory. Downside: JB might worry about his safety with this contestant.

Style: The already-girlfriend

Level: Difficult

Description: This video has tons of production value, including a fully set dinner table and a cardboard cutout of Justin. The romantic candles remind me of some sort of paranormal seance but you have to give this directrice credit for sweet camera shots and lighting.

Style: The talented singer

Level: Expert

Description: If you have an impressive set of pipes, don’t rely on anything other than your guitar and voice. How can we compete with Cailin Marie? She has amazing pipes AND it’s her birthday. Plus, look at the discreet JB poster placed behind her bed. Genius.

Style: The doppelgänger

Level: Novice

Description: Don’t just tell Bieber how you guys are sooo compatible. Show him by wearing the thick framed glasses and his trademark hat. This girl has style.

Style: The poet, artiste

Level: Medium

Description: If you’re a secret artiste, write your poetic lyrics in calligraphy by moonlight and prepare props and labels to go with them.  sings: “I could be your girlfriend/ If you flew me to meet you/ We would go on fun dates like maybe to the zoo/ Maybe I’m just reachin’ for you to love me too but if win this contest/ Dreams really come true.” The contestant has all the elements: good voice, visuals and clever lyrics.

Girlfriend Contest, explained 

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