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Five reasons to watch Pretty Little Liars tonight

Posted on June 5, 2012 by

Tonight’s the premiere of Pretty Little Liars, season three. FINALLY. The date has been marked on my very own Pretty Little Liars calendar since the end of season two. So to all my friends, if you continuously bug me tonight, be prepared to die because I’m obvs be sitting on the couch, wearing my I love Mr. Fitz crop top and watching the PLL marathon on ABC.

Yes, I know I have fangirl problems to the extreme but really who can blame me? Two words: Ian Harding. Here, I will give you a second to look him up… See told you he is HOT!

Ian isn’t the only reason why you should watch the premiere of PLL. Here are five more:

1) A new “A”

According to ABC Family we’ll be introduced to a new ‘A, who will use Aria’s past mistakes to taunt her. I’m a little excited to see what ‘A’ has in store for Aria especially after watching the season three promo, which shows Aria, trapped in a bathroom stall screaming for her life. My one concern is that Ezra will be caught up in this mess and I CANNOT have anything happen to him. My fangirl heart could not take that!

2) Ali’s grave is robbed?

I wouldn’t put it past the “A Team” to do something like that and from the looks of the preview, someone has dug up Ali’s body. Well, we don’t know for sure if it’s Ali’s grave but I would definitely put my money on it. The real question is, what was buried with Ali that needed to be dug up? Hmmm, hopefully season three will answer that one!

3) Spencer  visits Garrett in jail

Have Garrett and the girls teamed up? Can they even trust Garrett? Last time I checked the girls were all team Jenna… What could Jenna have possibly done this time to cause them to switch sides?

4) Hanna and Mona reunited?

In the season three preview we get a glimpse of Hanna visiting Mona. Really?! Hanna what are you doing? I would’ve left Mona right were she belongs… in the past… but apparently all is not forgiven because Hanna lets her anger show. Too bad she takes her out on a chair and not on Mona.

5) A New Emily

Shay Mitchell told Hollywood Reporter that this season we should be expecting a new and vengeful Emily: “I think it changes things for Emily because you’ve just killed her girlfriend. ‘A’ has done other things before that have been quite serious, but now you’ve killed somebody who’s extremely close to her. Another person. For Emily, it’s no more “Mrs. Nice Emily,” it’s not going to fly. You took it way too far. Emily is now coming back into season three with a vengeance.” There’s nothing more scornful then lost love… if I were ‘A’ I would watch my back.

Watch the promo here:

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