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One Direction talks about recording and hanging out with The Wanted

Posted on June 1, 2012 by

Why does everyone insist on declaring their allegiance to either The Wanted or One Direction like it’s a pivotal rule of fandom? Can’t opposing boy bands and their fans just chill out, have dance offs to weird mashups and reward each other with dimpled smiles and pats on the back when one band is successful? Apparently, NOPE.

During an interview with Much Music, the guys of One Direction were asked to clear up a rumour that’s on everyone’s mind. Are they collaborating with arch nemesis The Wanted?

Well, that’s a tricky question. Three of the guys said it was real while one said it was a rumour. So we’re not really sure what the actual answer is. Though personally, I’d love it if The Wanted popped out of the fog during one of 1D’s concerts and started some epic boy band duet.

Another question that’s on our minds: if you guys really don’t have a problem with each other, why don’t you hang out so the media can squash the rumour? Well, I can think of a million reasons: the dudes are all so busy travelling, touring, recording and aswering questions about opposing boy bands. Louis recommended the interviewer go ask The Wanted why they haven’t hung out but apparently their management FORBIDS interviewers from asking about that no-no topic.

I still feel like I’m missing part of the puzzle. Either that, or the guys are just so tired of questions about The Wanted that there’s nothing left to say.

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