Chris Brown brings stoner fantasy to life in “Till I Die” video

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In case you’re short on your Chris Brown news (blurg) here’s yet another video, this time it’s for “Till I Die.” Brown calls on buds Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa for the visuals and avoids sneering at all costs. Instead he and the guys mess around in the office and ride around in a schmancy car like they’re the definition of cool, yada yada.

The track is from his upcoming album Fortune (out July 3) and he dedicated the video to the Beastie Boys’ MCA. The gesture is well-intentioned but makes it hard to say anything bad about the media-torn Chris Brown. Also, if he didn’t mention that it was in honour of MCA, we wouldn’t have known. He doesn’t exactly capture the spirit of Adam Yauch in the video.

Watch it here: 

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    what’s the name of the this girl?:D

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