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What you think you look like versus how you actually look

Posted on May 31, 2012 by

Walking in the wind:

We all have expectations in life that are sorely squashed when we realize what we think we look like, isn’t what we look like at all. For example, when the Hammer pants came back in a while ago I jumped all over it, until someone took a photo and I realized they look ¬†more like diaper pants, if such a thing exists. Don’t do it.

Anywho, sometimes movies, actors and photos lead us to believe that everyone who shaves their head or bites their lip in attempt to be sexy will be attractive. This is not so. Not so at all. [Source]

Here’s what you think you look like and what you ACTUALLY look like:¬†

Shaving your head:Trying to dress "'80s":Doing duckface:Wearing a suit:Trying to be seductive:Growing a beard:

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