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This kid made me cry on So You Think You Can Dance last night

Posted on May 25, 2012 by

Last night I didn’t intend to watch So You Think You Can Dance but then they sucked me in like they always do and were CRUEL to me. My cry count ended up being a whopping three and I felt the tears coming at other points in the night too.

One of my shameless cry-fests happened when 29-year-old mother and dancer Bree Hafen auditioned for the judges. Of course, she retold her touching story about putting dance on the back burner while she was raising her two beautiful children. Although she feels guilty, she decided to take some time to realize her true potential [cue violins].

That had me going already, but then Nigel had to go and invite her two adorable kids to the judging panel so they could properly watch their mom perform and cheer for her while she danced to Ingrid Michaelson’s “So What.”

I’m not done. After they handed her a plane ticket to Las Vegas they let her two-year-old toddler dance on stage and she was beyond ADORBZ. She wore a pink tutu and made pretty much everyone cry, including Mary Murphy and Lil C (well, Lil C on the inside). It’s G-rated, Hallmark entertainment at its best.

Watch it here:

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