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TRENDS: coloured jeans and heeled sneakers

Posted on May 25, 2012 by

The ever stylish Portia Balada highlights two trends that should be on your radar. This weekend, why not throw on some coloured jeans (they’re not that scary we promise) with some heeled sneakers? Of course, not all styles are undeniable hits and we can’t help but wonder WTF wedding Uggs are. 

Coloured jeans

Inspiration: Kate Middleton

If you’re hesitant to throw on a pair of printed pants à la Kristen Stewart at Cannes, simple, coloured jeans are an easy fashion fix. They barely deviate from your favourite ‘jeans and a tee’ combo and provide a pop of colour. To keep yourself from looking like a rubix cube, try some pastel coloured jeans in hues like aqua or peach. Just make sure your jeans aren’t too tight. As if we don’t have enough to worry about, doctors are now saying tight jeans can cause meralgia paraesthetica, which causes numbness when the nerves in your legs are compressed. The solution? Make sure your coloured jeans or jeggings are made of stretch fabric.

Heeled sneakers

Inspiration: Dakota Fanning

Sneakers may already be a style staple, but have you tried a heeled pair yet? For short girls who love their Nikes (a.k.a. me), these are a godsend. The illusion of height is always brilliant, but the real winning factor is this trend’s ability to keep your look casual and fun. Stay away from stiletto heels and go for those with hidden comfy wedges.

What were they thinking?: Wedding Uggs

If you’re one of those people who feel it’s appropriate to wear Uggs to your own wedding, we can’t be friends. Or, if we’re already friends and you decide to wear them out with shorts, I will do you a favour and throw them out for you. Uggs are disgusting, ugly, and unflattering. I don’t care if they’re comfy because there are other ways to be comfy while looking stylish. Also, it’s your wedding day! Why would you want to ruin your dress by wearing the most hideous shoes in the world? It’s more like a bride’s nightmare than dream. Expect to see them in the sale bin in the upcoming months.

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