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Best and possibly only live lip-dub wedding proposal

Posted on May 25, 2012 by

It’s just been a week of tears, what with So You Think You Can Dance last night and now this corny but dayam sweet wedding proposal.

Let me set the scene: this past Wednesday Amy went to her boyfriend Isaac’s parents house. When she arrived, her boyfriend’s brother stationed her in the back of the car and told her to listen to this new song he heard. He placed the headphones over her ears and that’s when the car starts moving.

She thought she was going to listen to a song but instead she got a live lip-dub wedding proposal. Even if you’re not into romantic, lovey dovey stuff this proposal is going to warm your heart. And if it doesn’t then your standards are impossibly high.

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2 Responses to “Best and possibly only live lip-dub wedding proposal”

  1. Travelingmccabe says:

    What’s the name of the song?

  2. Francis Piza says:

    “Thanks for making us all look like lazy f*cks”

    The best comments from the video http://bit.ly/KaBfKM

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