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Five ways to create a prom scandal

Posted on May 24, 2012 by

1) Celebrate with pot brownies

10. Pregame with pot brownies.

Last year three students were hospitalized during North Adover High School’s junior prom after eating brownies laced with marijuana. School officials ended the prom an hour early and transported the three students to the ER. Apparently 11 students ate the brownies before going to the prom as a pre-celebratory snack. Don’t worry, the students were fine and went home later that night but way to ruin the prom for everyone! [Source]

2) Go alone

11. Go alone.

A Pennsylvania girl named Amanda Dougherty was banned from going to her high school prom because she wanted to go alone. Ouch! She was denied because of a rule by the Catholic archdiocese that forbids students from attending solo. The 17-year-old had purchased her dress and everything and even paid $95 for prom tickets. Luckily they reversed the rule for her after a huge media outcry but come on! It’s hard enough being a teenager without the pressure to date someone. [Source]

3) Wear a revealing dress


A high school principal in Georgia went on a major power trip and decided to ban revealing dresses from prom. He went so far as to create posters displaying cuts that were “acceptable” fo the evening. To be fair, they banned dresses were pretty revealing but prom is a celebration of teens moving on to a new stage in their lives. Can’t they be trusted with their own wardrobe? [Source]

4) Hold prom next to a porn convention

Dolled up: The gowns and suits differed greatly from the lingerie worn by adult film stars inside the Convention Center

High School students in Miami were getting ready for one of the biggest nights of their lives, but didn’t realize the location for prom was in the same building as a  porn convention. The school hired police officers to keep the prom and Exxxotica Expo separate, though we wonder if there was any Girl Next Door action. While a couple high schoolers and parents thought it was a shame, some of the male attendees were totally impressed. One kid even got to meet a porn star and obvs had a giggle fit.

5) Dance

Some high schools still ban dancing at prom. This year, two parent chaperones at a Colorado high school sprayed Lysol on students who were “dirty dancing.” According to cops, they also called several teenage girls “sluts and whores” for making it appear “they were advertising butt sex.” I think the parents are the ones who need to be banned from this prom. [Source]

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