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Watch Justin Bieber graduate on Ellen… sort of

Posted on May 23, 2012 by

Unfortunately Justin Bieber was too busy filming his video for “Boyfriend” to graduate with much of a celebration. That’s why Ellen decided to hold a mock ceremony for the popstar on her show. She put a lot of thought into it too, even providing a gown and cap that sat a foot above his head so it wouldn’t disrupt his luscious locks.

In attendance was his manager Scooter, his road manager Kenny and his mom Patty. Graduation is the point where you talk about chasing your pipe dreams and never ever giving up but the 18-year-old is already an international superstar… so he’s working backwards.¬†Ellen said her biggest accomplishment at 18 was drinking a whole bottle of syrup from the International House of Pancakes.

Ellen also had some advice for the new high school graduate. She recommended he pull his pants up or wear suspenders, which my Grandma would surely agree with (she has commented on it in the past).

I’m happy for The Biebs though he makes everyone else’s high school¬†accomplishments seem slightly inadequate. Then he gets to graduate on Ellen? Not fair.

He also performed “boyfriend” in his personalized Varsity Jacket (sans gold shoes) showing off his swag dance moves and making the lives of the girls in the audience after high fiving them.

Bieber graduates:

Bieber performs:

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