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Five things I learned on last night’s episode of Glee “Goodbye”

Posted on May 23, 2012 by

By Melissa Novacaska

It was only the season finale, but last night’s Glee felt more like the end of an era, which inevitably brought on the waterworks. All the senior members of glee graduated and gabbed about their future plans by the lockers.

Quinn, and Mike are heading to college, Mercedes is moving to California where she’ll be a background singer and Santana will pursue her dreams in NYC. We’re not sure what Puck and Kurt will do yet. Kurt sadly doesn’t make NYADA and Puck, well, he’s a graduate so that’s something. But what struck a chord for most viewers (trust me I checked Twitter) was the final few minutes of this tearful episode, better known as Rachel and Finn’s surprising breakup.

With all the laughter, tears, twists and turns, here’s what I learned from last night’s episode “Goodbye.”

1) Rachel and Finn are over, or are they really? Rachel receives her acceptance to NYADA (told you!) but Kurt doesn’t get in, and Finn also receives a blunt rejection letter from James Lipton’s Actor’s Studio Drama School. This has got to be one of the biggest upsets, or at least for Kurt! I had a feeling Finn wouldn’t make it — not that he isn’t talented — but it just seems more natural for Ryan Murphy to create some drama for Finn and Rachel. However, breaking up the pair wasn’t what anyone had in mind, or at least I wasn’t on that bandwagon.

Yes I agree these two love birds can get annoying, but having Finn force Rachel to head to NYC instead of her original plan (to stay back a year and wait until her finance and future step-brother-in-law) make it, was selfish. It’s understandable Finn just wants what’s best for Rachel, and he’s being brave, following his father’s footsteps and enlisting in the army. Plus he hopes they’ll find their way back into each other’s arms, which is a plus. But that last scene when he’s chasing after the train was certainly not an easy one to watch. No wonder the cast (via Twitter) kept advising viewers to keep Kleenex nearby. I really hope things work out for Finchel as they actually belong together. But did anyone else notice how cheerful the rest of the cast looked as Rachel left Lima’s train station? Did they not realize what was truly going on?

Side note: Did anyone notice Rachel’s resemblance to Barbara Streisand when she arrived in NYC? From top to bottom, she fit the part.

2) Santana’s dreams are finally becoming a reality when she tells her mother, (played by Gloria Estefan) that she’s ditching her cheerleading scholarship and heading to NYC. She keeps reminding everyone how determined she is to become famous, so maybe now’s her chance to shine. Maybe she’ll even stay back in Lima for a bit, while Brittany repeats senior year?

3) Mercedes heads to UCLA with a recording contract in the works, while Puck passes his European geography exam and actually graduates with help from Beiste and Quinn (who claims to still love her “first”). Quinn also closes her chapter as a Cheerio, and greatly appreciates coach Sylvester’s tough love. Sue also sheds a few tears for her favourite, cheerleader “Q”(what a bittersweet moment).

4) Kurt’s rejection from NYADA seems impossible, considering he wowed Mme. Tibideaux (or so we thought) and well, it’s Kurt, he was born to be a star. He takes the news quite well. Maybe this will give him the chance to encourage Blaine to fulfill his dreams and they can head to NYC together next year. His father reenacts Kurt’s “Single Ladies” routine as a thoughtful graduation gift that proves how much he truly loves his son. Maybe Kurt will try to help Finn figure out his life too and we’ll continue to see him next season.

5) Graduation was a hit, when the gleeks sing “farewell” songs to their fellow members. Even Mr. Schuester covered Rod Stewart’s “Forever Young.” Even though each gleek will head in their own direction next season, I’m sure they’ll be having the time of their lives doing so, or at least I hope Ryan Murphy plans to make it that way. One chapter in the gleeks’ lives is closing, but another one is opening and I hope we’ll see many familiar faces next year, and of course meeting new ones. Season 3 wasn’t as predictable as usual and definitely left us wanting more, or at least it did so for me.

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