Musical Prozac: Florence, Marina and the Diamonds, Childish Gambino and more

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“Breath of Life,” Florence and the Machine

The upcoming blockbuster Snow White and the Huntsman is set to be released on June 1, and who better to create the lead single for the epic tale than cinematic songstress Florence Welch and her Machine? “Breath of Life” is possibly one of Welch’s most dramatic songs to date, with pounding drums, and a 60-person choir backing Welch’s intense voice. The video for the single shows Welch recording the track in London’s Abbey Road Studios, 60-person choir included, with vivid scenes from the film woven through the recording session. The video looks like an impressive trailer for the Snow White re-interpretation, and I will definitely be forking over 10 dollars or more at the movie theatre to watch it. You can hear “Breath of Life” on the film’s soundtrack, which will be available May 29.

“Part 5: Su-Barbie-a,” Marina and the Diamonds

A few days ago, Marina Diamandis uploaded this gem onto the Marina and the Diamonds YouTube channel. It’s Part 5 of her online video anthology, which exposes the four female archetypes that her new album Electra Heart is based on. The video is a two-minute flurry of various audio clips from old Hollywood films and Barbie doll advertisements all playing over the instrumental track from her song “Valley of the Dolls.” It also features Diamandis in a creepy Stepford-esque outfit standing in front of a perfect house, with her face engulfed in shadows. The next video to be released will be “Part 6: Power and Control.”

“Unnecessary,” Childish Gambino ft. ScHoolboy Q

Childish Gambino aka. Donald Glover aka. Troy from Community, released this track in collaboration with up and coming rapper ScHoolBoy Q. Other than the Funkmaster Flex tags feature in the beginning and end of the track, which sound a tad bit out of place, “Unnecessary” gives Gambino a chance to show us he has a serious side to him when he isn’t writing for comedy shows or filming skits for Derrick Comedy. He raps intelligently and performs a great hook, making “Unnecessary” a solid track to keep fans occupied while he works on his upcoming mix tape.

“Take a Walk,” Passion Pit

From American synth-rock band Passion Pit comes the first single “Take a Walk,” off their upcoming sophomore album Gossamer. In an interview before the single was released, lead singer Michael Angelakos hinted the new album’s tracks would have more vocal stability and emotion, unlike their older, swirling sound. “Take a Walk” delivers his promise, with a stomping rhythm, political lyrics, and a catchy little chorus that will embed itself in your head for hours (you’ve been warned…) You can pick up Passion Pit’s new album Gossamer on July 24.

The Reborn Identity – Tarzan and the Rain

I’m not sure how mashup artists The Reborn Identity came up with the ridiculous idea to mix Adele’s heartfelt “Set Fire to the Rain” with 80s dance group Baltimora’s one-hit-wonder “Tarzan Boy,” but the result is humorous yet oddly satisfying. Adele’s powerhouse vocals soar over Baltimora’s infamous Tarzan-like chants, and typical 1980s disco beats turn her tear jerking tune into a fun jam. I don’t think we’ll be hearing this remix anytime soon in the clubs, but it’s a great, new take on Adele’s ballad.

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