Kreayshawn has all the syrup in her new video “Breakfast (Syrup)”

Posted on May 22, 2012 by

It’s really not wise to watch Kreayshawn’s new video for “Breakfast (Syrup)” unless it’s after 11 am and you’re sufficiently stuffed. The two-and-a-half minute video chronicles an intense breakfast party that involves pancakes, whipped cream, and an unhealthy amount of syrup.

If you didn’t catch it, Kreayshawn says she has all the syrup, which is kind of a lie since a yawning 2 Chainz makes an appearance with even more maple syrup. She knocks it back from the glass like it’s a shot of JD while some other girl pours it over her body in the pantry, creating a stick unattractive mess.

The video is directed by Kreayshawn and I kind of like that we now have an appropriate song for the little-known Breakfast Party. The Oakland-based rapper also set Aug. 14 as the release date for her debut album Something about Kreay.

Watch it here:

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