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Five classroom notes confiscated by a middle school teacher

Posted on May 22, 2012 by

"I need to tell you this one more time"

I was a good student, I promise, but once in a while I passed notes with my friends in middle school. There was occasionally news that just couldn’t wait until lunch time and I’m sorry Mr. Blake, but it had to be during our reading of Fifth Business.

Anyway, this one middle school teacher collected notes he confiscated over the years. Many of them consist of questions about dating or the bogus, rumour-mill swirling words that most notes are made of. [Source]

1) She’s just jealous, duh!

"She's just jealous"

2) She’s such a copy-cat

"I had my hair like curly or whatever"

3) Do you like Steven? Check a box please

"No. of course not"

4) Meet me behind trailer 5

"When I want to kiss you is behind the trailer"

5) I just do

"I just do"


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