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Five things I learned on last night’s episodes of Glee “Props” and “Nationals”

Posted on May 16, 2012 by

By Melissa Novacaska

Tension flares in the first episode of last night’s two hour Glee, as Nationals and graduation quickly approach. Tina feels stuck in the shadows behind Rachel’s success, Puck realizes his future is at a standstill and Beiste has the courage to leave her abusive husband for good. But of course, Rachel’s attempt to gain a second audition with Mme. Tibideaux for NYADA is still in effect. Are fourteen phone messages and a muffin basket a little too persistant?

Anxious is the best word to describe the second hour, which was directly focused on the glee club’s trip to Chicago for Nationals and the return of Lindsay Lohan.(At least she performed slightly better than her latest stint on SNL.)

Without further ado, here’s what I learned from last night’s back-to-back episodes, “Props” and “Nationals.”

1) Tina’s jealousy over Rachel’s success and glory has reached its final peak. After being shut down for a solo during this year’s Nationals, Tina backlashes and shares her frustration with her fellow gleeks. Being in charge of the club’s costume design doesn’t seem to have any perks. In a “Freaky Friday” twist, the goth morphs into a retro version of Rachel and vice versa, after falling into a fountain. The rest of the gleeks have swapped bodies too, with Finn being Kurt, Puck as Blaine and Sue even switching bodies with Mr. Schuester (definitely didn’t need to see him in a red tracksuit.) In her new body, Tina err Rachel was able to shine on her own, singing Céline Dion’s Because You Loved Me (she’s got the pipes,) and she also realized how she could help the real Rachel get into NYADA. Oh and both girls got to sing a duet of What a Feeling, as Tina hoped!

2) Rachel’s attitude toward getting a second chance with Carmen Tibideaux is rapidly decreasing (that’s a shock,) and her future is in the pits. However, with Tina’s newfound encouragement and determination, Rachel gets back on her feet and the two set out to find Mme. Tibideaux and demand her attention. Mme. Tibideaux tells them to back off but Tina boldly reminds her that even the best can’t ace every audition the first time. (Apparently it took Tibideaux four tries to get into Juilliard.)  Rachel even invites the woman to Chicago for Nationals, where she’s amazed with the New Directions. Still, no word on whether Rachel and Kurt are in…. though it’s likely a yes.

3) Both Puck and Beiste are left feeling worthless as their lives get even messier. Puck gets into a fight with the hockey club and is officially dethroned as the school’s badass when he’s thrown into the dumpster. Beiste leaves her husband, but not after feeling self- conscious. Both Puck and Beiste use knives to defend themselves (not that they actually used them,) but also connect through a rendition of Taylor Swift’s Mean. Finally, a T-Swift cover! Beiste even manages to get Puck a re-test for that European geography exam, and offers to help him pass and essentially graduate, (she may seem scary, but she’s got a huge heart!)

Listen to “Mean” here:

4) Nationals are a success and McKinley High finally WINS! They really did deserve it, even though Vocal Adrenaline also performed an amazing number, (I swore they were going to win again, along with their new diva Unique). The glee club’s number included a mix of songs by Meat Loaf such as It’s All Coming Back to Me Now, and Gaga’s Edge of Glory. I was really impressed with our favourite gleeks, as was 2/3 of the judges including LiLo and Rex Lee. Unfortunately, Perez Hilton was more of a Vocal Adrenaline junkie. I was suspecting they’d win, since it was the final Nationals competition that they’d all perform together, and it’s really about time they get what they deserve! The rest of McKinley High was super supportive and Sue was happy (or was that because she could now take over the cheerios once again?).

5) With graduation as the final step for most of the glee club, the best gift they could give to Mr. Schuester was that gold trophy! Oh and the prestigious “Teacher of the Year” award, which Sue was so confident she’d win once again (nah she knew Will deserved it). Plus the club’s dedicated We Are The Champions cover was a sweet gift for him. Oh and Emma finally got over her fears and knew Schuester deserved something special, so (drumroll please) they finally had sex, yay! Will really is the best teacher and friend anyone could ask for, and he really deserves everything has or will be coming along his way.

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    Sorry but It’s all coming back to me now is by Celine Dion not Meatloaf. She sang it anyway.

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