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Rihanna and Chris Brown are feuding AGAIN

Posted on May 10, 2012 by

I guess we’re due for some Rihanna/Chris Brown drama seeing as it’s been relatively peaceful on the front for the past little while. Naturally, the latest battle is a result of an offensive lyric and the two are hashing it out on Twitter, because every minor spat has to be public.

Yesterday Chris Brown tweeted a link to his freestyle version of Kanye West’s “Theraflu,” in which he raps about his “old bitch.” “Don’t f**k with my old bitch it’s like a bad fur / Every industry n***a done had her / Shook the tree like a pumpkin just to smash her / Bitch is breaking codes, but I’m the password.”

Though he denies the so-called “old bitch” is RiRi, everyone automatically jumped to their own conclusions, including his ex-girlfriend. TMZ reported that Rihanna stopped following him, causing Brown to comment about her assumption.

I can never keep up with these two. One minute they’re collaborating on “Birthday Cake” and the next they’re taking shots at each other. That said, if these two don’t want to their rocky relationship to be in the media headlines, shouldn’t they stop tweeting each other? Twitter has become a barometer for their relationship.

Listen to the song below: 

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