Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” remixed by The Ying Yang Twins

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The “grown-up” remix for Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” by The Ying Yang Twins sounds great but that’s probably because it sounds pretty similar to the original. In fact, it’s almost identical if it weren’t for a few “yahs” here and there and a couple rap solos.

Some music connoisseurs compared JB’s single to the Ying Yang Twins’ 2005 hit “Wait (The Whisper Song)” so it makes sense they’d put their own spin on it.

They rap:  “I don’t wanna be your boyfriend, I wanna be your man/ He a little-bitty boy, I’m a grown man/ I can take you overseas, a harmless breeze/ Then you and me can have sex on the beach/ I bet you ain’t never met someone like me/ I’m the broom, you the dust pan/ Sweep you off your feet/ You can be my woman, I can be your man/ If you got a little sister, Justin Bieber want to be her boyfriend.”

They don’t offer the ladies much more than JB, though they talk a lot about travelling around the world. Sadly, they completely wiped out the Buzz Lightyear and fondue references, which are obvs the best parts of the song.

Listen to it here:

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