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Hits and Misses: Justin Bieber, Amber Riley, Brad Pitt and more

Posted on May 10, 2012 by

In the world of celebrity news, there’s no shortage of hits and misses. This week, Justin Bieber graduates high school to make his mama proud, and John Travolta gets sued for touching people in naughty places. 

HIT: The Biebs graduates high school

While he told the The Telegraph he’s not interested in reading and writing, Bieber finished high school for his mom. The Biebs continues to make his mama proud as he plans to release his next single, “Turn to You,” on Friday just in time for the Mother’s Day weekend. He said, via twitter, that all proceeds will go toward single moms. Queue the “awwww…” track here.

MISS: Amber Riley leaving Glee

I don’t even like Glee, but I’ll be sad to see Riley go. Aside from Chris Colfer, Darren Criss (AVPM fan 4ever) and Riley, I would really love to punch every character on the show in the face. Riley’s covers are one of Glee’s very few redeeming factors. No one can pull of an Adele cover like she can.

HIT: Brad Pitt is the new face of Chanel No. 5?!

Pitt is reportedly receiving a seven million dollar figure to help sell the fragrance of all fragrances. Man still gotta hustle — he does have six tuitions to pay for. Many people may be wondering, “how exactly is a man supposed to sell a woman’s fragrance?” Um, let’s see: It’s BRAD FREAKING PITT. He could be selling oranges at twice the price and I would still buy them (okay, maybe one. I’m still poor).

HIT: Joss Whedon writes a Thank You note to his fans

Whedon, the reigning lord when it comes to the nerdverse, penned a heartfelt thank you note to his fans who who stuck with him since Buffy. The Avengers director also called his fans his “peeps.” Excuse me while I giggle with glee as I listen to the Dr. Horrible soundtrack.

MISS: Legendary children’s author Maurice Sendak passes away

First the world lost the Beastie Boys’ MCA, and now Sendak. The Where the Wild Things Are author never treated his young audience like idiots and wasn’t afraid to write some dark stuff. He even answered fan mail from children, sometimes even drawing them an original picture. Please don’t go —we’ll eat you up — we love you so!

MISS: John Travolta gets sued for assault and sexual battery

Finally, a miss that does not make me want to break down and cry! Two male masseurs are suing Danny Zuko for touching their private parts. Travolta’s lawyers have beeing working overtime trying to prove his innocence by pulling out receipts, photos and shooting schedules to show Travolta was no where near the masseurs during the alleged time of assault. Lainey Gossip isn’t entirely convinced and writes some interesting tidbits of her own. What say you, dear readers?

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