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Diggy Simmons interview: Unexpected Arrival? Like teen mom?

Posted on May 10, 2012 by

The title of Diggy Simmons‘ new album raises a few questions. Luckily, he reassured us it has nothing to do with accidental pregnancies.

“A lot of the times when we want to do things and people don’t know that we’re capable of that or don’t believe in it, we shy away from doing it,” he said. “So Unexpected Arrival is about, you know, it doesn’t matter what people think or if people are doubting or hating or anything like.”

Diggy also talked about how the name has more to do with his hip-hop pedigree than a good old game of “just the tip” backfiring. Was that too much?

Watch it here: 

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One response to “Diggy Simmons interview: Unexpected Arrival? Like teen mom?”

  1. Jordannelson28 says:

    i love diggy so fricken much he is so hot and really sweet!

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