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Jon Hamm gives dating and farting advice to 16-year-old girls in a not creepy way

Posted on May 9, 2012 by

In “Reasons Why We Love Jon Hamm” news, I present this interview with Rookie, in which he manages to give dating advice to teenagers without sounding like a creepy internet stalker. Consider that he has bedhead, a morning rasp and some scruff (completely different from his Mad Men polish) and still look dayam good.

The 41-year-old offers his age old wisdom on topics like sex, dating and farting, sounding slightly like your protective dad but more like the cool uncle.

We swoon when he tells a girl to slow her roll when it comes to having sex and “doing stuff.”

“I’m going to have to know what this other ‘stuff’ is,” Hamm says. “If it’s making out, he should want to do that. It’s super fun. If it’s having sex, that has other things to deal with. He’s probably right in saying slow your roll.”

The interview was for Rookie’s “Grown Man Series.” So listen to Don Draper. You hear?

Watch it here: 

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