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Hypocritical tan mom rips Snooki for being fake

Posted on May 7, 2012 by

After hearing about tan mom Patricia Krentcil, who took her 5-year-old to a tanning booth, my faith in Snooki as a mom-to-be shot up. Comparatively, Snooki looks tame and even offered some wise words in her first piece of parenting advice:” That b***h is crazy, you are not supposed to take kids there. Everyone knows you are NOT supposed to take kids there,” she told Extra.

Now, “Tan Mom” is shooting back at Snooki, who she refers to as Snoopy. TMZ caught up with her and she calls the Jersey Shore star fake, fat and said “when this is all said and done I’d like to meet up with Snoopy.”

Next on her hit list will probably be Kristen Wiig, who did a worthy performance of her on Saturday Night Live. The sad part was, the makeup they used didn’t even make Wiig as tan as Krentcil. (Watch it after the jump)

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