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Lights, camera, meltdown? Celebrity freak outs

Posted on April 30, 2012 by

Sometimes I wonder if celebrities know that they don’t HAVE to keep the dramatics up 24/7. They do know they can stop putting on a show once the camera stopped rolling, right?

Let’s just say these celebrities know how to entertain me both on and off camera!

1) Mel Gibson  

Cheesy joke time: here’s one star that puts the “mel” in melt down… The once ever so loveable hero of Lethal Weapon isn’t so loveable anymore. On a trip to Costa Rica last December, Gibson was recorded yelling at screenwriter Joe Eszterhaus. The recording starts off with Gibson yelling “Why don’t I have a first draft of “The Maccabees?” What the f**k have you been doing?” and then ends with Gibson yelling “Who wants to eat? Who the f**k wants to eat? Go have something to eat. Hurraaayyyyy!” Can you say bipolar much? Really Gibson, I remember when I was three years old and still used tantrums to get my way.

2) Chris Brown

Alright, Chris Brown doesn’t entertain me so much as he makes me gag. Not only does this star abuse woman but he now also abuses dressing rooms? Last year after he was interviewed about his relationship with Rihanna on the Today show, Chris took off his shirt stormed into his dressing room and trashed it; leaving shattered glass all over 43rd st and Broadway. You know what they say Chris if you can’t take the heat stay out of the kitchen.

3) Lindsay Lohan

I always wanted to ask Lindsey what caused her to be the train wreck that she. Was it the harsh Hollywood lights? Or is the dark side just more fun? Whatever it may be this hot mess invented the definition of a meltdown. Let’s see if I can track them all down.

1) Her car crash in 2007.

2) The Dui in July 2007.

3) Her 13 days in jail for not attending her alcohol education classes.

4) Her shameless grand theft felony after allegedly stealing a necklace, in a CA jewelry store.

Did I miss any? Hopefully these mistakes are enough to last a life time

4) Rob Kardashian

I really can’t blame Rob for this one……sure he may have handled the situation wrong but put yourself in his shoes. Would you want to be filmed while having an argument with someone? This meltdown ended with handcuffs and started with a chase … okay so it’s not as exciting as I’m making it sound but still play along for a second. Last March Rob was having an argument with one of his lady friends when he spotted a paparazzo filming in. This is when Rob lost it and chased him down the street. The cops were then notified and soon after arrested Rob. All in all I would say this is just another typical night in Hollywood.. don’t you think?

5) Chevy Chase

Hasn’t Chevy learned he shouldn’t bite the mouth that feeds him? Is he pulling a Katherine Heigl or something? Recently,  an audio clip was released of Chase yelling at Dan Harmon the writer of Community. He criticizes Harmon by saying  he is a “g*dd*mn bad writer … s**t … stink-o” … and then adds that, “his” writing is getting worse and worse.” In Chevy’s defence, Harmon did start a f*ck you Chevy chant at the show’s wrap party. I look forward to seeing what else will go down now that this clip has been released!

6) Britney Spears

This was the one and only melt down that broke my heart. I have always been and always will be a Britney fan and seeing her melt down in 2006 WITH NO HAIR left me traumatized! Luckily Britney is now doing better! She is even going to be one of the judges on the X Factor! Go Britney Go and to all you haters out there LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!

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