Green haired Nicki Minaj beams to the beach in “Starships” video

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All the images of Nicki Minaj flipping back her green sea monster hair and the Twitpics of those buff Hawaiian men in pink bowler hats and sarongs are totally making sense now. It’s finally confirmed in her new “Starships” video that Minaj is indeed an alien from another planet that teleports from her schmancy flying starship. A party-ready Minaj beams down from the spaceship showing plenty of skin.

Minaj starts the day dancing in a pink bathing on the beach before changing into a different (and slightly more PG) suit and rapping in front of a trippy¬†kaleidoscopic backdrop.¬†There’s a look for everyone in Minaj’s video and the third one is definitely my favourite, if only because it reinforces the fact that a dark part of me is tempted to die my hair purple. Actually.

In the final scene, a nearly white-haired Minaj dances fireside at the beach with her worshipers. The Anthony Mandler-directed clip is exactly what we thought it would be, a good old fist-pumping time and a summer catalog for bikini fashions.

Watch it here:

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