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Rihanna’s song-stealing scandal exposed live

Posted on April 24, 2012 by

Rihanna was confronted by Australia’s Hamish and Andy who insist she stole their idea for a song. Last time she was on the show the radio hosts jested with Rihanna about how she comes up with ideas for songs: “If you think of a tune instead of humming something in the morning do you call Jay Z and go ‘Rapapapa?'”

The hosts quickly went all legal: “By the way if we here “Rapapapa” in one of your songs we’re going to know where you got it from.”

Rihanna promised she wouldn’t steal the tune but, lo and behold, a sneakily similar sound is in “Man Down.” ¬†Embarrassing! Thankfully, the radio hosts were forgiving but suggested they re-release the song as a collaboration.

Watch it here:

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