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How to give people drive-by compliments

Posted on April 24, 2012 by

Sometimes compliments have the exact opposite effect than we intend. You might compliment your friend’s new shoes and then they spiral into a mess of insecurities of why you pointed them out in the first place or they wonder if you were just mocking them. Even though the compliment was genuine, the person might think you were just being polite.

This knee-jerk reaction is probably because we don’t give/get enough compliments, so when we do hear one it results in general confusion. That’s why Timothy DeLaGhetto drove around California and gave pedestrians drive-by compliments. He said in the video: “Hopefully we can make someone’s day today.”

Many of the people don’t know how to react when he compliments their beanie hats or tells them they’re cool. Still, I’m confident they went home and gave themselves a¬†positive¬†affirmation in the mirror.

Watch it here:

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