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The Wanted confirm what we already know, “Glad You Came” is about orgasms

Posted on April 18, 2012 by

Does anyone actually believe “Glad You Came” is about a fresh-faced guy that’s glad his crush accepted his invitation to a party? “I do say, I AM quite glad you decided to come to this soiree.” Um no guys, it’s about orgasms.

What we already knew was confirmed by TMZ (well, kind of) when a cameraman caught Tom Parker insinuating its true meaning.

In the video interview, which was shot in New York, Parker and bandmate Siva Kaneswaran are singing with fans. On the last verse Parker changes the lyrics to “I’m glad you GUSHED” and gestures near his crotch.

Whatever happened to boy bands of the 90s that sang about first date butterflies and eternal love?

Watch the interview here:

Listen to the song here: 

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