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Celebs rocked flower headbands ands crop tops at Coachella

Posted on April 16, 2012 by

LACOSTE L!VE Hosts A Desert Pool Party In Celebration Of Coachella - Day 1

All these celebrities got to go to Coachella this weekend and be cute. While I’m still grappling with mild envy (no, I really enjoyed doing my banking this weekend) at least there are lots of photos to help us imagine we were there.

Katy Perry (above) makes me want to dye my hair a non-permanent purple and blue, don a flower ban and do a Coachella rain dance, if such a thing exists. She gets my vote for best Coachella look, but there are some more worthies below.

Lea Michele

LACOSTE L!VE Hosts A Desert Pool Party In Celebration Of Coachella - Day 1

Lea Michele was apparently VERY happy to stand next to this red alligator. She went with a simple white dress and stuck to her traditional pose. She always, always does this exact same pageant post and smile.


2012 Coachella Music Festival - Day 3

Rihanna went with the trademark Top Shop crop top, badass ripped denim shorts and a Chanel jacket. She also wore sunglasses at night to warn you that you don’t want to mess with her. S

Emma Watson

Mulberry BBQ Pool Party At Coachella

My second favourite look. mainly because of the classic hat. But can the girl smile? She’s at the Mulberry BBQ Pool Party after all.


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  • http://paccana.com/ Jessica @ Zipper Supplier

    Love the last outfit!  Hard to make tiger stripes work, but she pulled it off.