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Five things I learned on last night’s episode of Degrassi “Smash Into You Part 1”

Posted on April 14, 2012 by

By Jasmine Williams

After a whole lot of Clare and Eli drama, it’s nice to get a change of scenery with former train wreck Alli and everyone’s loyal friend Adam taking the lead. And while Eli and Imogen may be dunzo, there are some new and old couples to look forward to. Who’s Adam’s secret admirer? And will Bandurner be able to make it work this time? Guess I’ll just have to keep watching!

Here’s what I learned on this week’s Degrassi, “Smash Into You Part 1.”

1) Nothing gets a girl’s attention like almost running her over, right? Dave is trying to get back together with Alli, but I don’t think doing something super dangerous like texting while driving will work. Next time, maybe put down the phone and try talking the old-fashioned way.

2) While Katie’s in the hospital awaiting surgery on her knee, Marisol stops by to visit her. But it seems that while her friend is in pain, and probably freaking out about the major medical procedure she’s about to have done, all Marisol can think about is that she doesn’t have a cute boyfriend like Drew to send her flowers and that Katie won’t be there to help her with the Model UN conference. Selfish much?

3) Adam gets a letter from a secret admirer but assumes it’s a mean prank. Don’t blame him, Degrassi kids can be pretty cruel. But then Tory comes up to him and asks some personal love-life related questions for a “math survey.” Hmmm. His luck turns around when he finds out the admirer is real and wants to go on a date with him! I wonder who it is!

4) Marisol gets paired up with Mo for Model UN and is none too pleased about it. And neither is Mo when he disses her idea in front of the class. But when their teacher actually likes her idea and reprimands Mo for not having an idea of his own, Mo decides to stick gum in Marisol’s hair. Real mature move. What are you going to do next Mo, pull her pigtails?

5) I guess “let’s talk” is synonymous for “let’s make out in your car” at Degrassi? Alli seems to be forgiving Dave for his past mistakes, but she’s still not sure if she can trust him after his little summer fling on the side. Also, Dave is still getting texts from his stalker ex-hook up and when she shows up at the Model UN conference, it looks like more trouble is on the horizon for these two.

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