Top five upcoming albums I’m excited about

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Don’t I look fed up, listening to my fave songs over and over again? Not that I don’t love them, but a girl has to get her fill of new songs once in a while. Occasionally a new track will come out to tease me but I need the whole album to satiate me!

Bluntly put, I have an addiction to these artists and I need another album hit. They should really have a support group for these types things, don’t you think?

Here are the upcoming albums that I’m most excited about:


1) Taylor Swift

A new album is said to be in the works, but I still can’t help but shout HURRY UP! You can’t blame me for being impatient because this album is rumoured to be a good one! Taylor even told Vogue that her new album would be about “an earth shattering, not so recent, but absolute crash-and-burn heartbreak.”

Taylor can this album possibly be about your painful break up with Jake Gyllenhaal? I can’t wait to hear the juicy details in the form of lyrics. It’s going to be a good one! And even though her track list is not released yet Taylor said she recorded 25 new songs! If Safe & Sound and Eyes Open are any indication how this album will sound, then I can not wait any longer!

2) Kesha

Finally Kesha is back! I know you guys secretly all missed her as much as I did. With a record rumored to be releasing in May, I can only imagine what new adventures this sleazy Diva has gotten herself into. I mean she just finished recording a collaboration with Wayne Coyne about doing acid. I know one thing’s for sure, everyone’s excited and already asking, can it be May yet?

3) Katy Perry

What’s the best way to cure heartbreak? Answer: an awesome album burning the guy who did you wrong! According to Katy her new “music is about to get real f**king dark. You’d never see my face because my hair would be in it.” I love it already! With Russell’s new tell all book and Katy’s new album can this be the start of a feud? I guess we will just have to wait and see! One things for sure everyone have your popcorn ready!

4) Adele

For those of you who don’t turn to T-Swift when going through a bad breakup, maybe you can relate better to this powerhouse songwriter. But bad news, turns out her album might not be coming out for a while due to the fact that she needs more inspiration to work with. Maybe something a little happier? There are just so many times a girl can listen to “Someone Like You.”

5) Wiz Khalifa

2011 was Wiz Khalifa’s year but can he dominate 2012? We may never know unless he starts putting out new music! His mix tape Taylor Allderdice just wasn’t enough! Luckily he’s currently working on a new album featuring new songs. So Wiz, you heard me, bring on the crazy beats!

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2 Responses to “Top five upcoming albums I’m excited about”

  1. John Williams says:

     3) KATY PERRY 
    I am waiting for this one too 😀 it seemed too good to handle

    GED Online

  2. Cory Smith says:

    God go figure thats so cliche that you would have those exact singers… Why don’t you try some other excellent performers/.

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