One Direction is being sued by One Direction

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Let me tell you about a little band called One Direction. They’re a five-piece boy band from California with songs you’ve probably never heard of. Then ANOTHER band named One Direction came along on X Factor and became uber popular. To pour salt on the wound, this so-called One Direction came to America and stole all the fans the California guys never had.

This is One Direction, the band that is suing their British counterparts, One Direction:

The American boy band is asking for more than a MILLION dollars and they want their name back too. They filed the suit at California’s Central District Court on Monday and are asking for an injunction. Apparently the guys think they’re entitled to the money because they’re suffering “substantial confusion and substantial damage.”

The court papers state that the American group has been using the name since 2009 and have two albums. They also applied to trademark their name in February 2011.

I don’t know if this is a publicity stunt to make headlines, but I don’t think the way to get fans is to sue one of the most popular bands in the world. There’s no going back now —the British One Direction will always be One Direction. And how unique are band names anyway? I’m sure there are tons of bands around the world that have the exact same name without even realizing it.

The lawsuit says Simon Cowell’s record label Syco ignored the plaintiff’s rights. A spokesperson for the UK group said: “One Direction’s management tried to resolve the situation amicably when the matter first came to light, but the Californian group has now filed a lawsuit claiming they own the name.” He also said: “One Direction’s lawyers now have no choice but to defend the lawsuit and the band’s right to use their name.” [Source]


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