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Top five movies you’ll enjoy this summer

Posted on April 4, 2012 by

My friends usually find me at the nearest theatre on warm summer nights, sitting in the middle seat of the middle row, with the tallest cup of Diet Pepsi on my right and a huge jug of extra buttered popcorn on my left. It’s very technical you see.

Honestly, I’m probably the biggest movie junkie out there. I love all things Hollywood: the atmosphere, the costumes, the lights, the glitz and the glamour. I proudly incorporate movie references in every day conversations. Yes, I am that girl.

In honour of my movie nerdieness, I’ve put together five movies I’m looking forward to this summer.

1) The guilty pleasure: LOL

Not only does it star Miley Cyrus but it has a relatable storyline. The movie follows a young girl as she falls in love for the first time and begins to discover herself. Don’t look at me like that! I know it sounds sappy, but I predict it’ll be one of those guilty pleasure chick flicks. Just watch the trailer and trust me.

2) The superhero movie: The Avengers

Marvel released a brand new kick ass clip of The Avengers today and Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow channels Drew Barrymore in Charlie’s Angels when she destroys a gang with her hands tied behind a chair. Win.

3) The artsy (slightly pretentious) flick: Moonrise Kingdom

It’s Wes Anderson, so we’re expecting it to be pretentious, artsy, and just weird enough to be amazing. Moonrise Kingdom is about a pair of lovers who flee their New England town, which causes a local search party to fan out and find them.

4) The trequel: Men in Black III

Oh how I love the 90s: The Spice Girls, The Backstreet Boys, and the good old fashion Nickelodeon cartoons. I’m definitely a 90s kid. That’s why I’m so excited to see the new Men in Black movie; it’ll be like a little taste of the 90s for all those who didn’t grow up then. Of course, it doesn’t actually take place in the 90s…  The original characters travel back to the 60s to stop an alien from assassinating Agent K. Hey Will! How about a Fresh Prince of Bel Air revival? I know I’m not the only interested in seeing that one.

5) The comedy: Ted

Ted is a talking teddy bear that smokes pot and is BFFs with Mark Wahlberg…..I think I just found my new summer flick!

Of course, we couldn’t fit everything on a top five list! We’re also looking forward to The Amazing Spiderman, Snow White and the Huntsman and The Dark Knight Rises.

What are you dying to see?

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