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Five teens that are saving themselves for One Direction

Posted on April 3, 2012 by

The well-coiffed guys of One Direction have been so successful at sneakily spiking their music with powerful (though invisible) love potion that these ladies decided to sacrifice any reasonable shot at a mutual relationship and commit themselves fully to their favourite band.

Okay, maybe their dreams aren’t completely unreasonable as anything’s possible. But it sure looks like each contender will have a lot of competition from fellow fans to capture the heart of their favourite member.

It also means that if guys want to have any shot at love they’ll have to morph into a member of 1D. Ladies’¬†expectations¬†have been set so high that if you’re not a look-a-like they’d rather commit to a life of singledom.

The tweets below are just a selection of the many online. [Source]

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2 Responses to “Five teens that are saving themselves for One Direction”

  1. seriously though says:

    Do girls ever gain intelligence or do they just become better at hiding how stupid they are?

  2. Connor O'Flynn says:

    I love how retarded these people are. We should encourage them to start a group with regular meetings. If we get them in one spot, it will make the genocide easier

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