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Watch: “Snapbacks” may just be the new “Friday”

Posted on March 31, 2012 by

Looks to me, this might just be the song of the summer…or not.

Remember Friday? That annoying yet catchy song that turned Rebecca Black into an internet phenom for all the wrong reasons?

Well, there may just be just another song that will make you forget all about it.

The Stack Boys, a young rap group of prepubescent boys, has released a song and music video called “Snapbacks”, dedicated to…you guessed it, snapback caps.

With poor auto-tuning, a ton of “woos”, and some really bad video effects from the Photobooth option on a Mac,┬ámusic fans will be shaking their heads once they hear this “rap” song.

With lyrics like, “I’m listening to people sounding stupid talking about stuff like drugs and acting like a thug/and I’m thinking “Stop!” you don’t make sense/”, all I can think is: How old are these kids?!

Maybe they should go outside and play. Because this “dope” music video might be something they’ll regret in the future.

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