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Liam Hemsworth talks about bromance with Josh Hutcherson

Posted on March 30, 2012 by

Liam Hemworth reminisced about bonding with Josh Hutcherson over Whitecastle burgers last night on Jay Leno. The Australian hunk  and his Hunger Games co-star noshed on juicy patties and decided the only thing that could make their man-date better was to play basketball on a full stomach.

The friendly competition was a little too much for their digestive system to handle and they consequently threw up their burgers. It’s okay though — Peeta and Gale might not be chums in the movie but Liam says their basketball throw up down was a memorable male bonding experience.

Leno was clearly forced to asked Liam about the engagement rumours between him and long-time girlfriend Miley Cyrus. The verdict? Not engaged. Duh.

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