Dev and Enrique Iglesias are not “Naked” in their new video

Posted on March 29, 2012 by

Dev and Enrique Iglesias are not “Naked” in their new music video, though the title hints at it. Misleading as it is, there’s still plenty to like.

The two wander separately around a Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas but never quite run into each other. Dev sports an angled Girl With the Dragon Tattoo blunt cut and drives around the brightly lit city with her girlfriends. Meanwhile, Enrique is inside gambling away all his money at the tables. Eventually they head to the same club, but alas, their eyes do not meet over the sweaty dance floor.

Though they’re never in the same shot, I think the two finally meet in the end as they head into the elevator with their suitcases. I guess that’s destiny for you.

The song has a strong dance element but it’s not the summer track I’ve been craving. What do you think of it?

Watch it here: 

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