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No sex for One Direction on tour

Posted on March 28, 2012 by

Strict rules: there’s NO SEX ALLOWED on tour for the guys of One Direction… though this is all according to a British tabloid so don’t take the news too seriously. There’s a strong chance it’s total garbage and that the long hours you’ve spent holding a cheeky sign outside their hotel rooms aren’t completely wasted — though come on, don’t you have homework to do?

While I appreciate the record execs determination to keep them focused, that’s kind of like saying: “Hey guys, there are so many great cupcakes to choose from, but you can’t have any right now because you’re on a diet.”

The tabloid also claims the member to be most upset by the rule is none other than residential blondie Niall Horan. According to a “source close to Niall” (always legitimate): “He’s raging about it — all the lads are. Four of them are single and they’ve been told to stay that way as it appeals to their American teen fans. Niall is fighting off the women with his Irish accent and good looks so he’s having to live like a monk.”

Harry Styles also has some thoughts on the rule apparently: “He’s come out of a relationship and wants to enjoy his freedom. But he’s having to behave himself and keep the women at arm’s length…And the worst thing is the American girls are literally throwing themselves at them so there is so much temptation in their way.”

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