Musical Prozac: Nick Santino acoustified “Call Me Maybe”

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Here’s your weekly dose of music to help you get through a rough week, as prescribed by Azra Kassam. 

Nick Santino – Call me Maybe

Anyone who doesn’t live under a rock has probably heard Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call me Maybe.” The kids love it, Justin Bieber loves it, and apparently, A Rocket To the Moon’s Nick Santino loves it too. He decided to record an acoustic cover of the song so it would stop playing over and over in his head. I can’t guarantee that the song won’t get stuck in your head, but hopefully this mature version of the song will tickle your fancy.

Miike Snow — The Wave

“The Wave” is Miike Snow’s second single off the new album “Happy to You.” Listeners beware, the only thing in common “The Wave” has with Miike Snow’s first smash hit “Animal,” is the return of lead singer Andrew Wyatt’s beautifully laidback vocals. Haunting lyrics combined with an entrancing rhythm and repetitive piano chords give the song a somber tone. Watch the new video for “The Wave” above.

Clams Casino remix – Florence and the Machine’s Never Let Me Go

As if Flo needed a remix to bring out her angelic voice, Clams Casino takes “Never Let Me Go” to a whole new level. Clams Casino re-interprets the single, transporting the listener to a lush rainforest with distorted background sound and ethnic drumbeats. The highlight of the remix is Florence Welch’s muffled, pitched down voice halfway through that is simply eerie.

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals – Never Go Back

From their upcoming fourth studio album The Lion The Beast The Beat, (release date June 12) comes Grace Potter and the Nocturnals’ brand new single “Never Go Back.” The single is co-written by Potter and Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, and is a bluesy, flute infused jam that the two musicians came up with while “fucking around” in the studio. Definitely worth a listen.

The Jezebels – Rosebud

The Jezabels transport me back to the 80s (not that I was alive then) with the video for their latest single “Rosebud.” Directed by Ben Reed, the low quality footage, picture layering, and fake snow complement the song’s retro vibe perfectly. Unfortunately, the Eurythmics do not make a special appearance as I was hoping for!

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